Why I Still use Turntables..

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I get asked the question all the time…. mostly by other “DJ’s” why I still use traditional record players aka the turntable and not use the more modern controller or CDJ.. the answer is simple. I refuse to disrespect the culture.

I think a lot of this may boil down to the history, which unfortunately we don’t much care about anymore. As you can probably tell this is gonna have little to do with weddings and more to do with DJ culture as a whole so I will try and keep it quick. I became a Dj because of my unbelievable love of hip hop. One of the main pillars of this culture is the DJ which I have embraced professionally for wayyyyyy to long and I LOVE IT!!!! My earliest hero’s were guys like Jam Master Jay, DJ AM, Qbert etc(I’m old People). Its Lucid in my mind the first time my sisters 2nd husband introduced me to Terminator X…. no intro needed for the real ones(All good if ya don’t, just google Public Enemy and enjoy) I tell you this cause I take an extremely large amount of pride in carrying on the traditions of the people who came before me. Sure I can’t cut records like Qbet or Craze but thats why I practice every single day.. No Joke.

This all spawns from a conversation I had with another “DJ” at an industry event where he saw my current set up, as I was asked to demo the equipment I use. Even though I was getting down with 45’s and 12′ records I was using my Reloop 8000 mk-2 (Best modern era DJ turntable in the game if anyone is curious) He then whipped out his phone to show me his new pride and joy…. a fancy computer and a controller the size of a keyboard which is how he DJ”S. Without missing a breath he went on to tell me how he finds folk on Facebook who wants to be a Dj, Gives them a playlist and tells em to Spotify what every people request. Then charges 3000$ for this service…. I was shocked. Now this guy was never anything special on the decks but still pretty good. I mean not every Guitarist is Eric Clapton but to completely phone it in like this made my stomach turn….

Anyway I tell you all that to finish with this. I don’t DJ for a paycheck, even though DJing has been my main source of income for almost 25 years now(I was a fisherman and hunter in Alaska as my only other adult job hahahah). I DJ cause I want to be the best at my craft…… I want to get better at my craft not just to improve the experience for my clients but to help pass on a better craft then I left it. I would never disrespect the culture that has shown and given me show much. I’ve been doing this for so long most people in my industry don’t realize I used to have dozens of other Dj’s working for me every weekend all over the state. If I wanted to have grown my biz into a machine I could have, but I would have lost sight of what i’m doing this for. Im doing this so I can be the best DJ possible. I Cut Records and Stomp Holes in dance floors.

I would never disrespect the culture….

Health and Happiness!!!!!