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diamond-entertainment Providing Music, Management, and much more including:
Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Holiday Events,
Anniversaries, Fashion Shows, Gallery Openings, and Good ol' fashioned Dance Parties

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About Diamond Entertainment

Diamond Entertainment was founded by Tommy Nutter with help of mentor Anthony Cassano, owner of Music For You Mobile Entertainment, in 2001. Since that time Diamond Entertainment has grown from a one person DJ service to a full service event management firm.


Our main goal as a company is to be "customer oriented to meet your needs." This means Diamond Entertainment works to understand the client's preferences, and then tailors our services to meet those needs.


Our trained professionals will walk you through even the smallest of details to ensure the perfect event for you or your company.

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sound and lighting services

With our large supply of top quality equipment, we are able to provide sound and lighting for any event imaginable!




Corporate Events




With Optional Services Including:


    Professional Vocal Announcers

    Light Shows

    Live Entertainment

    Live Recording


With the highest quality sound, lighting and recording equipment from: Pioneer, Yamaha, Mackie, Apple, Electro-Voice, Serato, Shure, Audiovox, Pro Tools, Chauvet, and more


We also have Wireless access for entertainment and teleconferencing Provided by Verizon Wireless Broadband.

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Let us take the leg work out

of an evening on the town in Columbus by providing you with a unique service in the Capital city. Allow our team to plan an evening for your self, friends, family or co-workers out for the night, including anything from an elegant anniversary dinner, to concert tickets and first class transportation to and from the show.


Event Idea's include:
Dinners, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Gallery Openings,
Sporting Events, Bar Hopping, Corporate Outings
or anything else you can imagine...

All services include Transportation and your personal Event Manager to guide your evening along.

Pricing Available upon Request

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Diamond Entertainment became well-known for its Wedding Services, with Tommy having more than 10 years of personal experience. Let us guide you through your perfect wedding!


The key theme to our wedding service, as our business, is to be "Customer oriented to meet your needs." This means we obtain a personal understanding of our client's preferences, and then tailor the services to meet those needs.


At the ceremony and reception, we help keep the pace of the events moving along so that everything runs on schedule.

Services may include:
DJs and MCs or vocal professionals
Live Bands


We will ensure that your location and all vendors are perfect for you. With competitive prices and extensive list of partners in Ohio, our services stand alone.


Please visit the Testimonials page for a few of our clients' recommendations.

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