Pre Wedding Prep and Planning

How to Choose a Venue

The Proposal is done, wedding date is set, or maybe it isn’t….. now its time to choose a venue. Let me help you though some of the basic To do’s of finding a wedding venue right for you!!!!

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Band Vs DJ

Shortest Post ever. Get a DJ, you’re not fooling anyone. Unless you can indeed afford the Rolling Stones, The Foo Fighters, The Black Keys or Spinal Tap…. only kidding. Then Get a DJ. Boom You Are Welcome!!!

Buffet Vs Plated

Imma go ahead and spoil this one… there is no right answer, they are both GREAT!!!! it all comes down to the type of event you are having and how you want that event to flow. I’ve seen plated dinner for 1000 go fine and I’ve seen plated dinner for 100 go completely amuck.  Knowing …

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