Weekday wedding?

Im often in casual conversation with my wife or a friend, when I have to turn down a golf event, or potential date night because I’m working during the week!!!. Since I primarily focus my Dj Talents to Weddings, Festival tents and live shows (Where the best DJS live, Bars are for suckers) I then get asked….. Are weekday Weddings worth it? and the answer might surprise you!!!

The Answer?!?!?!?!? It depends.

I do a ton of weekday Weddings. Im talking over 20 a year and some years considerably more. The reason I’m so big with weekday wedding crowd has a lot to do with my growth as a DJ…. Allow me to explain. If you are looking to do a weekday wedding then typically you have friends who are off during the week like you may be. I often see people in the service industry getting married on weekdays and for good reason. Not only are the prices for all your favorite vendors considerably less because the demand during the week just isn’t there(Talking Monday – Wednesday). Service industry folk get to see a ton of different DJ’s just due to their job and they typically remember the best… wink wink. I cut my teeth in the Bus promoting hip hop and dance shows all over town for well over 10 years before I got called up to the Majors. People will remember that kind of stuff and though word of mouth for over a decade i’ve had that market cornered.

Anther great instance is perhaps you want less glitz and glam but still would love to feed your family and friends and share your wonderful day with them… this is another instance where the weekday wedding plays well. If you just want to get the family and close friends together to share each others company… a weekday wedding would work for you.

The main thing to consider when planning these is time. You can’t have a weekday wedding going till 1am unless you have a whole crowd of people (Like service industry) that can stay out that late and not have to worry about work in the morning. For the average Joe, I would recommend a stop time to 10pm…. 11 if you know your squad’s got gas but thats still pushing it.

Weekday weddings are great but make sure to know your crowd as always before you plan anything. One of the best weekday weddings I ever had the pleasure of taking part in happened to be last year. Halloween landed on a Tuesday and I had the absolute privilege of throwing down at a super gnarly wedding…. first half of the wedding was mostly Bard Core ( most will have to google and thats just fine hahahaha) and the dance floor….. METAL!!!!!!! I absolutely adored it. Now is that for everyone…. Certainly not…. but they knew they knew their audience.

Health and Happiness!!!