Chuck Taylor’s Vs Van’s: A Casuals Guide to informal formal wear

Most folk will have their mind made up already but for those who are not familiar with the iconic kicks let me hit ya with some rando facts about both and you can make up your own mind!!!

The Chuck Taylor shoe was actually invented in 1917 and named after Converse Salesmen Chuck Taylor in 1932. It was intended as a high top only design but branched out into the oxford look in 1962. We almost lost Chucks for good in 2001 due to bankruptcy but Nike, the current owner came in and bought the company and continues the tradition today.

Notable Wearers of the Chucks include None other then Dr. J himself, Michael J Fox in the Back to the future movies(Also wore Vans fun fact), Kevin Bacon in footloose, Keanu in Bill & Ted and last but by far the most important…. ROCKY!!! yes, the Italian Stallion himself adorned the beloved kicks before he showed Ivan Drago HOW WE DO THINGS IN ‘MERICA SON!!!

Vans Shoes were started by brother Paul and Jim Van Doren along with some other peeps in Anaheim, Calif. On the very first day of operation they sold 12 pairs of shoes, made them on site, and had them to the clients by the end of the day.

They gained traction with skate boarders due to the rugged build and sticky sole. It was in 1977, when the now famous Old Skool Van skate shoes were first released, which made famous the Vans Side stripe!!!

The Classic Vans have been rocked by Skateboarding Pioneers Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, Basketball player Steve Nash rocks em on the reg as Well as Rock Legend Henry Rollins. Lets be real though, we all got the checker boards cause of our boy Jeff Spicoli is always looking fresh in a pair of Vans.

In conclusion they both are awesome, just do you homie!!! and always remember. In the wise words of Visionary Jeff Spicoli… remember…” I’m Driving, you’re navigating. Where is the Party?” Jeff Spicoli

Health and Happiness!!!