What Not to do at a Wedding pt 2

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Start this installment with a banger. Bride had called my cell about 5 min after the ceremony should have started. As I took a deep breath and hit answer on my Palm Trio(old skool smart phone) knowing this was not gonna be fun. The Bride then told me how she couldn’t go though with it, and she didn’t have the stomach to call and tell any of her family. I will never forget having to walk way from my DJ booth, with every eye from the ceremony watching. Having to look the Groom in the eye and deliver that news….. still haunts me to this day.

On the the next one. I do a fair amount of weekday wedding for a variety of reasons. On one particular instance, right before sending the bride down the aisle for the ceremony, I reached out and shook her fathers hand to congratulate him, it was at this moment he informed me he was having a heart attack. Thinking this was a verbal joke I responded to the tune of “Yes Sir, very big moment” which he responded “I’m and ER doctor at… call 911. To which I did, certainly not a don’t be that guy moment but wild none the less. FYI Dad turned out fine!!!

Finish the installment with an event where clients father, who had not seen his child in over 18 years barges into a black tie event wearing jeans and a stained wife beater. He proceeded to steal a live mic from a maid of honor and starts to give the most heart felt apology speech I’ve ever heard. Legit not a dry eye in the house including myself. He apologized for not being there as a parent etc and as his amazing wonderful heartfelt speech concluded, he finished it off with “You know how I know you two are gonna make it …. Cause you’re nothing like that Bitch..C**t, W***e of a wife I had” Drops the mic and walks away…… DON”T BE THAT GUY.