To Photo Booth or Not….. that is the question

I’m often asked what the most important part of a reception or wedding in general is. Honest answer… there are certainly a couple important things but there is no single one thing. Although, Gun to my head I would have to say the photos. 10, 20, even 30 or more years down the road you are not gonna remember the specific mixes I dropped but you will certainly have the photos.

Photos are super important as I’m sure all of you know but the beauty of the Photo booth is you are getting the Photos you didn’t know you needed…. allow me to explain.

Weeks, some times a hair longer after the wedding and the honey moon you will receive your wedding pictures. Super awesome for sure but you where there for most of them so you have a general idea what to expect. That’s why the photo booth shines!!! While you and your partner are off taking the more “Traditional” shots, your friends will be showing there true colors under the assumption that no one is looking.

That’s why the booth is great, people tend to be more relaxed and not as matter of fact with the booth. Final advice….. get the booth. you won’t regret it!!!!