What Not to do At a Wedding…. booze edition

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Well here we are with some alcohol related hilarity. First I had mentioned this before in another post, but had a brides maid get three sheets on white claws, vomit while talking on a mic then proceed to ask for a cracker in front of 200 people…. Don’t be that Guy.

Another booze related issue I’ve seen more the once at an event is couple engaging in….. lets say intimate situations during the event after hitting the bar too hard. I won’t get too into details here but when you think no one is gonna be there, trust me some one will. The Staff already know the best hiding places, which is where they go to smoke or just take a break and get away… and that is where you will inevitably get caught…. We usually pretend like we don’t see ya but we always do. Nothing worse then making eye contact with someone closing in on vinegar strokes then having to see that person on the dance floor shortly after. A slightly related and equally inappropriate moment, years and years ago I had a rather intoxicated, very single bridesmaid try and give me the remote to her battery operated undergarments( Most PG way i can think of saying it.) I very politely declined and had a very awkward DJ set as she just starred at me from the dance floor all night… Don’t be that Guy.

For my last installment of this edition of weddings gone wrong due to alcohol. I saw(Not my wedding, Venue had 2 separate event spaces at the time and I was in other location) a groom fell off the wagon the day of his wedding… which resulted in the Groom being so absolutely shitfaced by the ceremony he could barely walk. I saw the Videographers tape after and i was shocked this dude didn’t fall over he was swaying so much during the vows. As soon as the ceremony ends, the Groom B lines for the bar to do a round of shots with his “boys” to which he is greeted by his future mother in law and the owner of the venue notifying him he has been cut off and needs to get it togeather. Welp…. he responded poorly and decided to reach over the bar, grab an unopened bottle of champagne and starting swinging it like Captain Cave man at anyone not in his wedding party. It was at this point the on site manager of the hall rushed next door to grab any available body’s and I and the other able staff, we were on cocktail hr so we rushed over to help, unknown to our client. After the dust settled, the groom had been arrested while the brides mother was explaining to her daughter how to get an annulment.. Don’t be that Guy