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The Sparkler Send off!!!

So the night has been epic… the dance floor packed all night and now it’s time to finish in style, the question is how?!?! Well… one answer could be a sparkler send off. Here’s a couple quick tips to make sure your send off goes as planned.

1. The number one mistake in the send off is getting the wrong size sparklers. Make sure to get the 2ft sparklers. Anything longer becomes a weapon and anything shorter means our window of opportunity is way to small to both enjoy the moment and get the photos we need.

2. Make sure to have torches on hand to light the sparklers and a proper way to dispose of used sparklers. A traditional lighter just takes to long to light so a torch is necessary. Don’t worry you don’t need to go get a blow torch from home depot. The much smaller electricians torch or cigar torch will due just fine. 

For sparkler disposal have a bucket of sand on hand. Safety first people. 

3. Have some one taking photos!!! Don’t wanna go to all the trouble and not have some epic shots. 

4. Last and not certainly not least make sure you have got Sparklers and not another firework called a “Sparkler”…. In the single most memorable send off of my career the planner got Roman Candles called “Sparklers”. Thankfully an attentive Dj noticed the tell tale Roman candle tubes while the staff was lighting the candles and at the last second ran down the tunnel screaming to point the explosives up with seconds to spare before 200 guests sent 10 rounds of fireworks each skyward illuminating the Columbus skyline like the pre show for Red White and Boom… safety first people.