to Photo Booth? or Not to Photo booth?

I’m often asked if a Photo Booth is a necessary addition to a wedding. Lemme tell ya what, 30 years from now you won’t remember the music… unlikely you remember what the food tasted like but you will surely have the photos.

Photos are such an important part of the Wedding experience. So much happens during a wedding its almost impossible to keep track of it. A photo booth helps you capture memories you didn’t know you needed. You and your partner will be so busy enjoying the wonder of the evening, is nice to know memories are being captured even when you’re not looking.

Now there are many types of photo booths so don’t feel tethered to a cloth box your guests meander into between tables. A photo booth could be a self service IPad Station… A Vintage or modern Polaroid camera on a table with some props or a more modern twist with the 360 rotation photo. The amount of options are vast and a quick Google search will unearth a mountain of possibility’s.

Some of the funniest moments happen when a group thinks the world isn’t watching, and that’s exactly the environment a photo booth provides, memories that you and your partner didn’t even know you needed.