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song request etiquette

Over my 20 year career I’ve seen all sorts of ways people request songs. From the extra polite to the guy who flips a quarter my way only as a decoy so he can hurl his Miller Lite at me for not playing his favorite jam… true story. Listen I get it, you want to hear your track and have fun but remember, this night isn’t about you!!! Most importantly its about the couple and the kind of night they have envisioned.

This is a topic that could easily be overlooked and for most decent humans isn’t a concern, in fact if you are reading this, you are almost certainly not the type of person that would have a problem with this. Why?, you have already demonstrated a trait that the average “Carroll” is incapable of… Learning something new. Cause lemme tell ya the average “Carroll” already knows everything!!!!

I write this having been apart of what I would call an absolutely fantastic event this past month. The Venue was beautiful, the event was perfect and the dance floor was jam packed slammed from start to finish, just the way I like it!!! Near the end of the evening, after the libations have been flowing, the frequency of song request increases from none for the first 2.5 hours to one or two from some wonderful guest’s. Both songs are very easy to accommodate into my set so I have no problem getting them into rotation quickly. Then like the red sea parted for Moses so did the dance floor and out came what I’m gonna call a “Super Carroll” Now “Super Carroll” over the time of the last 20 min requested the same song 5 time, lingered over my shoulder to see what was next so she could express her disgust with my upcoming selection and my personal favorite moment is this over tanned looking handbag of a housewife walked right up and told me to change the song 30 seconds in cause she apparently didn’t like it. To her credit she apologized later but I’m guessing only because the majority of guests saw her pouting…

A DJ like myself, is happy to take requests but I assure you, I am a highly trained professional and every song I’m playing is ALWAYS in the best interest of my clients. In this case the song that “Super Carroll” asked to change was a personal favorite of the Bride and her friends…. The dance floor was slammed to the point of having no more room… and “Super Carroll” felt the need to visibly vocalize her dominance. I was hoping her significant other would come and save me from from impending verbal abuse, but alas, my dreams never came true. I’m sure her Partner was hiding in a corner somewhere hoping to escape out the back door or helping the Valet kick start “Super Carroll’s” Broom out front. Either way, please don’t be a “Super Carroll” and keep your eyes to the sky this Halloween cause she might be flying over on that very same broom!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN PEOPLE