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The Toast!!! Providing conclusion with Booze

Giving a Toast…. A dreaded moment for some, a time to shine for others and let me tell ya.. I’ve seen plenty of both.  The main thing I tell my “Toasters” is that there is no wrong way to do it… which is of course wrong. There are all sorts of ways to send a good toast off the rails, but the main point here is to instill a level of confidence in a speaker that they other wise wouldn’t have had. I assume if you have made it this far you are soon to be in the spotlight, so here’s a couple pro tips to help you boost that confidence.

  1. First off, having a shot a Jameson to calm the nerves is one thing.  Downing half the bottle is quite another.  It’s always wise to lay off the “hard stuff” until after your speech.  A good example is I once saw a bridesmaid have one to many Claws before her speech which concluded with her unintentionally vomiting all over the head table, then proceeding to toast the couple and ask for a saltine with a vomit covered microphone… Ain’t no laws when drinkin’ Claws.
  2. Brevity is key.  As much as you think this is your moment, you have to remember this is ultimately about the Couple.  I’ve seen toasts drag on due to stories that have nothing pertaining to “love”, or anything remotely “Wedding.” Lets keep it short and sweet people!!! Here’s how we know each other, here’s some quirky anecdotes to outline our friend ship and wrap it up with here’s why you guys are perfect for each other… “I Love Ya” …. CHEERS!!!  
  3. Last but not least…. REMEMBER TO MAKE AN ACTUAL TOAST.   I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve seen a “Great Speech” never become a “Great Toast” simply because there is never a toast.  The whole point of this thing is to raise A Toast and get one step closer to “Responsibly Trashed” so make sure to “Raise Your Glass” and Toast the happy couple.  Providing conclusion with booze is what turns a “Great Speech” into a “Great Toast”