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101 what not to do at a wedding part 1

Over the last stretch of my career, I’ve been blessed to have worked myself and my company to the highest tier of quality and as a result I rarely come across issues like these anymore but that was not always the case.  Over the last 20 years I’ve seen all kind of chaos.  Here’s a list of some things I’ve seen that are big No No’s at a wedding. Some may be Obvious… some may not be so obvious, and these are in no particular order. 

Don’t be the person who proposes at another couple’s wedding.  If you have read this far and are still on the fence about it… STOP. There is not one single scenario where this is a good idea. NOT ONE!!!! All you’re doing is shifting the focus of the evening away from the couple getting married and trying to shift it to yourself…. SHAME on you Like I said just don’t do it. 

Don’t get on the dance floor and take close photos of the bride and groom with you new camera or iPhone during the first dance or anything like it.  If you think you are doing em a favor you are not.  Let the pro’s do their job and get the necessary shot, in fact your stoic act of photojournalism may have ruined the best shot by the actual pros. Moral of the tale is leave the camera in your pocket Spielberg and let the pros handle it.  

Don’t wedding crash, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn killed it…. You will not, don’t be that guy. 

Please Please Please don’t “Old School” a toast by getting smashed and talking about how you and the groom got a bit to wild two weeks before in Vegas… Legit seen it… don’t do it. 

If you are a Bride or Groom and or anyone in the wedding party, be responsible about your drinking before the wedding. The list of alcohol related incidents is far too many to list, but one notable highlight would be where the groom decided that he and his groomsmen would get absolutely 3 sheets before the ceremony. Having stumbled through his vows he makes his way to the bar after the ceremony only to find out he’s been cut off not only but the Bar Staff but by the order of his wife!!!!.  He then makes the brilliant decision to grab a wine bottle from behind the bar and starts swinging it like the hammer of Thor… full on Royal Rumble ensues.  The wife and her mother were at the courthouse the next day to have the marriage annulled …. Don’t drink too much before your or anyone’s wedding.

To Be Continued…..